Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tuckered Out!

Wow, what a day! I went to so many thrift stores, I lost count. And the funny thing is that I got most of my best stuff at my first stop: Goodwill Outlet!

I got: Sperry Top-Siders, lace-up flats, a leather briefcase, a Vera Bradley ID case, 2 Louis Vuitton (not real, I'm sure, but cute!) clutches, 2 evening bags, a JCrew belt, an 80s belt, some typewriter paper ('cause it looked cool), and The Outsiders book.

And that was just at G.O. :) My total: $15.oo.

This is what I wore to thrift today, since it was chilly outside:

Brown Sweater, Goodwill Outlet (<$1); Leopard Print Vest, Family Thrift ($7); Bird Pin, Good Samaritan ($0.50); Boyfriend Jeans, Goodwill ($4); Boots, Goodwill ($2)

Some (yes, only some) of the bags I got today:

From top left, clockwise: Beaded Bag, Love of Jesus ($0.50); LV Bags, Goodwill Outlet ($1 each); Mesh Bag, Goodwill Outlet ($0.50); Leather Evening Bag, Goodwill Outlet ($1)

Whew! I'm tired just thinking about today :) I'll def have pictures and a better recap of the day for the next couple days... for now, some blog reading and dinner with the hubby are in my future!



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