Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Thrifting Day, Part Three: Tops! Accessories! Oh My!

I got some super-cute accessories on this trip: Tan leather satchel, Family Thrift ($0.99); Purple Necklace, Love of Jesus ($1); Grey Clutch, Family Thrift ($0.99); Little Brown Makeup Mirror, Good Samaritan ($0.75)

Now, lets talk tops! I got a whopping 9 total: 2 plaid shirts (one is a Pendleton!), 4 sweaters (Finally-my F21-inspired printed one, a Lacoste one, a short sleeve black one, and a cute brown one), 1 vest, 1 Gap jean jacket, and one plaid blazer.

Whew! I pretty much have my fall wardrobe taken care of, for about $25 total!

Some photos:

From top left, clockwise: Printed Vest, Gap Jean Jacket, Cool Plaid Blazer, Slightly Navajo-Print Sweater

From top left, clockwise: Lacoste Sweater, Pendleton Wool Shirt, Plaid Shirt, Brown Sweater

(Everything shown except short-sleeve black keep the collages 4 and 4!) I'll have the thrifting day wrap-up tomorrow :)


PS: Doesn't my Pendleton wool shirt look just like this Pendleton for Opening Ceremony one, which costs $300?

Photo via Pendleton for Opening Ceremony


  1. So I went thrifting yesterday (yes you inspired me) and found a prada bag $2.99, a Fossil Wallet $1.99 and a cute New York Jeans and Co top. it was $3.99 with 50% off. Sccore!!! I spent a total of $6.00. Yay, I feel acomplished!!

    By the way its Ashley....could not figure out how to post under anything but anonymous.

  2. Thanks so much for the comment, Ashley! It really means a lot to me that I inspired you to go thrifting and you found so many great things :) Keep on reading!


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